Recommendations to Parents

  • Please inculcate politeness and courtesy of speech and conduct in your wards. Please see to the cleanliness of your children and their dress.
  • When communicating with Principal, Parents/guardians are requested to mention in their letter, the roll no., name, class and section of their wards.
  • Parents are kindly expected to sign the principal’s or Teacher’s remarks in the diary after reading them.
  • Please accompany your wards in their studies either personally or through others in your neighbourhood.
  • Parents are requested to take children away within 15 minutes after the school hours.
  • Parents are to ensure that their wards carry healthy food to school. Please do not send junk food which will harm your children’s health.
  • Please check your ward’s homework and classwork note book regularly.
  • Parents are expected to play their part by enforcing regularity and discipline and see that their children learn their lesson daily.
  • Parents are requested to check the school diary daily.
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