Smart Classroom

Smart class is an innovative digital way of teaching that enriches the academic course content and makes the teaching innovative and interesting for students.

Objective of our Smart Class Room:

  • To make teaching effective and productive in the class.
  • To encourage the students with customized learning to explore and grow.
  • To instruct the students in a creative way using digital curriculum concepts.
  • To engage the students with academic lessons in better way and make them understand effectively.
  • To make learning, an interesting and entertaining experience for students.

Advantage of Smart Class

  • Improve the academic and overall performance of the students.
  • Make the students learn skills of life through innovative technology.
  • Offers better understanding of academic lessons through collaborative environment.
  • Help teachers to overcome the new challenges for overall development of students.

The St. Joseph School has Smart classrooms, embedded with interactive white boards. The boards uploaded with e-books, presentations, videos and other visualize files that offers enhanced and effective learning experience to all the students in the classroom.

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